Favorite movie:
pride and prejudice
Villain or Superhero:
Definitely a villain instead of a superhero
Craziest rumor made about you:
Craziest rumor has to be that in highschool I bit a guys dick through a hamsandwich, which is very untrue and don’t feel like explaining how it got there
What's your sign:
I am a libra 
My hometown is combine tx, really small country town, if you’ve never heard of it you aren't missing anything.
I am 19 years young
If you didn't model what would you be doing:
If I wasn’t modeling, I would pursue doing stunts in movies.
Favorite color:
Favorite color is red, 
Favorite food:
Favorite food has to be either pizza or sushi
A fantasy of yours:
Honestly I don’t really have a fantasy, I just prefer to live in the moment.
Five things I couldn’t live without are:
food, friends, gym, Netflix and water
Briefs or Boxers:
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT briefs, they hold me just right, not too loose and not too tight(;
Song on repeat:
say you won’t let go by James Arthur
Life Motto:
One thing I really think about in terms of a life motto, I can always get money or wealth back, but time is numbered, don’t let the time you have here on this earth go to waste. Live life doing what makes you happy. 
Plans for 2019:
I really would like to become very established as a model, just bettering myself in anyway possible to pursue that. Also I personally love social media, and I luv working with it, as well as making content that people would enjoy to watch or look at. So as of now, working with my close friends Destin ray and will grijalva on traveling and making YouTube videos!

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