Jose Soto and José Hernández are a beautiful couple hailing from Medellin, Colombia. The duo have dubbed themselves as Two Unknown Boys, and have a joint instagram account on which they share their travels and loving photos of the two together. We talked to these guys about love and fitness, see what they had to say in our Q+A bellow. 

Name Jose Soto and José Hernández
Age 22 and 32
Hometown Medellin, Colombia
Zodiac sign Cancer and Taurus

When did you first meet and was it love at first sight?
We met because a friend in common introduced us, it wasn’t love at first sight, actually we became very good friends, we have so many things in common, we have the same name, we used to have the same car, we liked the same music and that made us become like besties

What does love mean to you?
Love is everything, be able to do a lot of things together, share great moments, support and be supported all the time

When did you come out?
Jose Soto like 8 years ago, when I was 24 and Jose Hernandez when he was 7 years old

Favorite food

5 fitness tips every guy should follow
Exercise everyday
No sugar
No alcohol
A lot of water and focus but don’t strain yourself, you'll get the results you want if you work hard for them

5 Tips to achieve the best body

Work on abs every single day... we do it !

Combine bars and cables for chest 

When you finish ur bicep work out, do one more set of the last exercise until you can’t do a single rep 
Workout legs twice a week, is the only muscle we exercise twice a week and we love it 
Try to variate the exercises every week, change the routines  

What song so you have repeat at the moment?
7 rings by Ariana grande

What do you love most about Colombia, and when did you move to the states?
The people is the most amazing thing in Colombia and the food
And we’ve been here just for one month


What is something your followers don't know about you guys
This is something we just found out, we didn’t  even know that we both have the same blood type

Any advice for your 16 year old self
To be different is ok, and don’t feel bad ever about being gay !!!

Boxers or briefs

What product are u currently obsessed with
The Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate and the Hydro boost moisturizer from Neutrogena

Photography Normandy Europa

Underwear Les Amis Serpent Briefs in Black and White 

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