Aushad & Shamhad Broades are twin brothers who hail from Oklahoma. After serving in the military, they are now living in Los Angeles, California to pursue acting and modeling. Aushad and Shamhad are like mirrors of male perfection, and they truly shine in this classic photoshoot by Prince + Jacob. See our Q+A with the twins bellow.

Name Aushad & Shamhad Broades
Age 23 we turn 24 March 11
Hometown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Zodiac Sign We’re Pisces, We dream big always have, always will.
Everyone wants a twin? What best and worst thing of being twins?
The best thing about being a twin is having built in support system someone who always and usually gets where it is your coming from when others don’t. The worst thing is that they know you so well that you can’t keep anything from them they just know something is up or if your trying to hide anything, and they get underneath your skin so easily because they know everything about you.
Fav celebrity twins?
Our Favorite celebrity twins will have to be Tia and Tamera Mowry, Zack and Cody Sprouse.
What does brotherhood mean to you? 
Brotherhood to us means someone who has your back but also know when your wrong and doesn’t hide the truth, they tell you how it looks and always holding you accountable.
2 things you can't live without?
We can’t live without our siblings and our mom, they are the key to our life. Everything We do, We think about them in some form or way when making decisions.
How was your experience in the military, and what are your thoughts on the current state of the US?
Life in the military is okay, it’s not the best thing ever, however We’ve learned a lot of things from being in the military. We are forever grateful that We were able to serve and protect the people we love. The current state of America is ridiculous and there’s so much going on with the government shutdown that they literally forget about the working parents who are now not able to provide for their kids and families, so we  definitely feel there’s time for change.

What brought you guys to Los Angeles, California?
We’ve always known that the move was coming especially since we’ve have known what we wanted to do our entire lives feels like. We could finally just get up and do because we were ready.
Do you think Cali life is like it is in the movies?
California is very much like the movies but also very real. It can be harsh and painful but you have to learn rejection because not everyone is going to like you, or get what you stand for.

Fav movie of all time?
It’s too hard to choose a favorite movie. We have so much love for so many movies that We couldn’t possibly pick just one and not only the movies but the actors who works in the movies.
What workout routine do you recommend for a quick pump?
The quickest pump for us will have be the ab roller and some arm curls.
Tell us a secret you've never told anyone
We never really liked milk at all. Only to dip chocolate chip cookies other than that milk is kinda disgusting.
Boxers or briefs?
I will have to say Boxer briefs a mixture of both, because it keeps everything loose but it’s firm as well.

What is next for the Broades twins this year?
What next ? starring in major motion picture as the supporting actor or the lead.

Aushad and Shamhad wear the Les Amis Serpent Briefs and Apollo socks

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