Travel: Young Adonis Niko Madouras 5 Days of Bliss In Greece

There are many beautiful places in the world, but Greece by far resonates the most with me. Being half Greek and half Filipino, Greece is like a second home. I have had the privilege of being able to visit on multiple occasions, allowing me to learn and connect with my heritage and family history.

There is a certain magnetism about Greece you can feel when visiting. After just landing your senses flood with this rush of endless historical relevance about to be experienced. For me, there is a familiarity combined with a mystique that keeps the country feeling new.

From the beautiful beaches and architecture, to the delicious food and undeniably admirable hospitality, Greece is like no other.

My travels continue to surprise me, keeping me in a state of wonder throughout my whole journey. I gain a sort of national pride within me growing stronger with every visit. Greece radiates with integrity and strength, two traits I would like to incorporate into my everyday life. The saddest part of being there, is knowing that one day I have to leave. There are only so many words I can say about Greece that just wont do it justice, so if the opportunity arises take it all the way to Greece


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