Meet Jack Gorman  the New York model breaking gender norms in the beauty industry . We chat with Jack about love ,makeup, and all things queer and beautiful . These photographs were done by his friend and photographer Onyx Hudson  wearing our favorite piece from the collection our white serpent briefs .

Williston Park
When did you first fall in love with makeup

 I first fell in love with makeup when I moved here to New York City and was exposed to a slew of creative likeminded people. Prior to moving here I was under the inclination that men shouldn't wear makeup because of the stigma that had surrounded the notion. I started going out and expressing myself with makeup which has been a great way of continuing to keep myself creative. I found it so intriguing that you can change your entire your look just through makeup. 

What beauty item do you never leave home without  
There are two items I cannot leave the house without, those two items are my Mac cremesheen lip glass in shade Just Superb and my Glossier Haloscope creme highlighter in shade moonstone. 
What is your favorite beauty brand right now 
 My favorite beauty brand at the moment is and always will be Pat McGrath 
Where did concept looks for this shoot come from
I created a couple of different looks for this photo series. The first look I went for was the classic blue smoky eye and red lip combo which always makes a high impact. I was inspired by Pat McGrath, she continues to inspire a lot of my makeup choices. I then thought it would be cool to deconstruct the look so I smeared the red lip and created a crying effect with eyeliner. Then I did a simple clean black smoky eye with glitter and glowy skin and glossy lips to keep the focus on the eyes. Then I did a subtle clown inspired look to go along with my collar, adding circle blush on my cheeks and blurring out my lips with eyeshadow. Lastly I did a pastel rainbow color story on my neck and collar bone as a little tribute to the LGBTQ+ flag.
lipstick or lipgloss 
 Lipgloss always. 
What is one beauty hack or trick you swear by 
 One beauty trick that I swear by for everyday natural boy beat is to mix just a drop of your foundation with your moisturizer and then apply as you would normally would with your moisturizer. This helps in evening your skin tone while still allowing the skin to show through, making so that your look is flawless but still natural. Also I always will suggest a creme highlight over a powder. 
Are you a Drag Race fan if so who is your all time favorite queen and why 
 I'm a big Drag Race fan, I think the show has done an amazing job of bringing queer culture to the forefront of today's main topics of conversation. It has allowed to showcase the human behind these glamorous drag queens which helps in adding more dimensions to these beautiful creatures and giving them a voice. My favorite queen has always been a toss up between Raja and Violet Chachki for obvious reasons, they're visually stunning. I relate the most to them as they have a strong connection to aesthetics in their drag which is something I always gravitate towards and it also helps that I agree with all of their visual choices. Violet specifically has made impeccable strides in the fashion industry and is pushing boundaries for what a drag queen can do. Collaborating with Prada on their campaign, walking in the Moschino show and countless features in fashion publications. I think they're great role models for young LGBTQ+ individuals as they both have great messages that it is okay to be different and express yourself as freely as you desire. I also have to note Miss Fame as she has been nothing but lovely in my encounters with her and she has always been an inspiration makeup-wise, she is a genius when it comes to transforming with makeup. 
What do you find sexy in a guy 
 An obvious choice would definitely be confidence, it is always attractive when the guy has an unshakeable sense of themselves. I also find it insanely attractive when they're honest with you and are up front about whatever they're feeling. I hate playing games and would much rather be completely transparent about how I feel about somebody, I think it is built into our society that it is weak to have feelings, so when you find someone who is unabashedly into you, lock them down. 
What is your life motto
 I think my life motto is to give absolutely no fucks about whatever anyone thinks about you, if people have a problem with you and are talking about you that only means they're pressed they're not you and that reflects more onto them than it does yourself. 
Who was your first kiss do you remember what flavor chapstick
 My first kiss was with my first girlfriend Nikki Koos who happens to be one of my best friends now which is pretty funny. I'm not a hundred percent sure what chapstick she was wearing then but I do know she wears Burts Bees now so maybe it was that. 
 Twinks, duh. 
What is next for you this year 
I have a lot of ideas as to what I want to do this year, I want to start working more in the cosmetics world and making creative content that I am proud of. Also returning to acting and see where that takes me, I used to act when I was younger and I really miss that process so hopefully I can find the time to explore that and maybe even making music, I have a ton of songs I have written and have done nothing with so who knows, I'm really all over the place when it comes to stuff like this so I'm dedicating the rest of this year to focusing on all of these things and continuing to push myself creatively. Oh and also continuing school at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 





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