Meet plus size model, activist , artist ,and dancer who is taking back the inclusiveness of SIZE . Wearing our Neptune Trunk 

Name: Thaddeus Coates
Age : 23
Hometown: Washington, DC
Zodiac sign: Aries

You are really breaking boundaries in the fashion world . How did this
come about getting singed and doing the AE campaign
Thank you sooo much, the American Eagle campaign really feels like a
dream come true,
I was referred to the casting by one of my friends, and I didn't think
it was going to be as life changing as it was.
I met and tried on the jeans so requested for me to try on and they
were the perfect fit, after the launch of the campaign in July 2018,
I sought representation, because I knew this was something that was
possible for me. I began to look at all of the agency that had guys
who were built like I was, and
I began following all of them, one of them (Bridge Models) actually
DM'd me, and right after that, I arranged a meeting with the executive
during fashion week and signed there after.

What advice would you give your 16 hear old self
At 16 i was playing football and also dancing on a hip hop team. I
would tell myself to continue to shine, without fear of judgement.
And always be your TRUEST self.

Who has been your biggest inspiration on this journey
In terms of the transition into the modeling industry, there really
isn't anybody who looks like me, that's out there doing it,
I often look to my peers for inspiration,I connected with
Khyrstana(*sp) during the American Eagle shoot and seeing
how she uses her platform inspired me to do the same, to continue to
use mine to also cultivate that positive vibes.
Also my fellow plus size friend Soouizz, he really changing the game
and challening that stereotype, so he is definitely someone who
inspires me.

Tell us more about your art and what next for you there
In terms of art, I'm working on expanding to merch, where I can sell
more than prints, so I'd have shirts, and jersey's, in a limited
amount. Also figurines and maybe plushies
I would love to collaborate with more brands like Complex,
Nickelodeon, and WOW Presents.  I'm planning a solo art show, so that
is currently in the works.

What advice do you have for young black gay men in this day an age
I would say to be your truest true and your "YOUEST" you, there are so
many boxes that we as a community put ourselves in,
and so many roles that are handing to how people look or act. Being
yourself and practicing self love is literally the way to radiate
positivity, and attract that same energy that you put out.

How easy or hard was your coming out  experience
Coming out for me, fortunately was a easy and anti-climatic
experience. I was going to school in Jersey and my mom paid for my
ticket to go, but the card never went through, so I asked my boyfriend
at the time to pay for it and he did. I then told my mom to not to
worry about it because my "friend" had paid for it. (this was all via
text), she then called me and asked if the "friend" who paid for it
was my boyfriend. I said "Yes" and she said "Okay", so she is super
accepting of me, and loves me all the same, which I was kind of
nervous that she wouldn't.

What is next for you 2019 !
i am working with some pretty amazing companies, for the Spring and
Summer campaigns,
I'm traveling to London to visit my agency this Spring as well. I have
a few interviews dropping via Youtube and a couple cool podcast as
well.Also would love to work with more major brands.


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