Meet the Korean Drag Race star SOJU who captivated our hearts in the current season of Drag Race .We talk Cysters , love and all things KPOP  wearing our white serpent brief looking fiery hot !

When did you first fall in love with Drag
My ex boyfriend made me watch Dragrace, but I don't think it was until I saw Manila Luzon perform live in Vancouver, that I really fell in love with Drag. 
What is your go to beauty product for the signature KPOP LOOK 
I think having a strong eyeliner is my signature Kpop Look. It gives you that boldness and edge matched with feminine hair and face. 
Tell us more about your. KPOP parties that are taking over the globe ? What can we expect next
My Kpop Party is called Seoul Train Party @seoultrainparty  and basically I started this party for all the American kids that wanted to hear Kpop songs and dance to it. Kpop fans in America get little to no access to Kpop entertainment. Most of it is online and we don't really have clubs or events that dedicate a whole night just to Kpop. Especially for queer Kpop fans. That's why Chester Lockhart (co-host) and I created a safe space for ALL Kpop fans to come together and enjoy Kpop ALL night. Everyone and Anyone is welcomed to my party. You can follow and sign up on my website to see if Seoul Train Party is coming to a city near you. 
Favorite KPOP artist at the moment
Currently and always I'm gonna love my queen CL. I also love Tiffany Young. I think she did the right thing by coming back to America and starting her solo career. She's doing it in a way that's never been done before by other Kpop Idol groups. She seems to be enjoying her freedom of self expression as an artist. I can't wait to see her grow and take over! 
Cyster has become a household phrase  , did u know something like a cyst would be the new gay lingo 
You never know when you're on Drag Race, that anything will become anything. I overshared and it was funny at the moment. I didn't think much of it until I saw how the fans were reacting. I think it was a true blessing in disguise. 
Who are your icons or heroes
I really love all my Korean artists that are making a wave in American entertainment industry. Margaret Cho, Ken Jeong, Bobby Lee, Sandra Oh, etc. I really look up to them and see them as idols. They are the reason I decided to enter the entertainment world. They inspired me and motivates me to keep pushing for Asian representation and share my talent with the world. 
Shave your brows. Save time and time is money honey. 
How was it participating in Drag race and any  advice for new queens
Don't do it. LOL 
I mean do it if you think you can make this your life. You have to live and breath it. You have the dream about it and work on it until you bones are about to fall off. You will lose social life you will lose sense of time and you probably will never make enough money to make it worth it. If you're okay with all this, then do it. 
What advice would u give your 15 year old self 
Fucking love yourself. Love yourself no matter what. Your parents will love you no matter what, just accept yourself and treat yourself with kindness. It'll all be worth it. 
What was your first drag performance like
I was doing a competition in Chicago. I did a Kpop mixed with Kill Bill number and it basically set the tone for the rest of my career. Kill Bill and Kpop. The baddest mix in the world. That's Soju right there. Just a bad bitch with a really catchy beat. 
Where did name soju come from?
I literally drank soju everyday in college years. I drank it for any occasions. It's a drink that grow old with you. It's your best friend. It's there when you're sad or happy. That's Soju. Soju is there for you whenever you need her. 
What is next for you in 2019 
2019 is Soju's Year. New Music, New Cities, New Content, New Parties. Follow my website for updates on all those things. I'm gonna travel the world and be the ONLY Kpop Drag Princess. I'm working on so many projects currently that's all gonna be for my fans. I feed my fans and keep them full all year. Join me on my journey and you'll be fed too! 

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