Meet the pornstar with something to say!  PROBOTTOM  is his instagram account and we are obsessed with his videos get  intimate with TY below in these self portraits in his nyc apartment wearing our serpent briefs 

Name Ty Mitchell
Age 25

 Hometown Las Vegas
 Zodiac Sign Aries
How important is sexual freedom to you

When did you loose your virginity 

 Any advice for getting into the porn industry
Know your body, and know your worth.

 When and what made you get into the porn industry
I started in 2016, and I decided to do it because I was feeling good about my body and had always found the whole genre very glamorous and interesting.

 How was your first porn scene , and were you nervous
It was great, and of course I was nervous. It was RawCastings with Dax Daniels.

How long does it take to film a scene

about 4hours 

How to prep before bottoming 

keep a  regular diet and douche 20- 30 mins before   

Were you ever concerned or worried about what your family or friends would think

 When did u come out  to your family  

What makes you the happiest right now
My new underwear.

Any advice you would give your 15 year old self
Do Accutane.
Smoke more weed.
You were right about Lady Gaga.

What is next for you in 2019 
Taking it one day a time. Who knows!

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