Name: Michael the III

Hometown: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Zodiac sign: Cancer
When did you first fall in love with photography
I first took notice of photography as an medium I'd like to use when I was in high school after seeing the photographs of George Hurrell. Some of my first attempts in self-portraiture followed his style.
What is your inner most fantasy
The one I've most constantly played in my mind is that of a King. A good one though. Very kind. Often during sex I role play something along those lines in my mind even if we didn't set out to do that. I'm always kind of doing that when I need confidence or feel unsure about something, too. I want to say though that I'm against monarchy as a form of government and a symbol of power, but I can't help but be enamoured by the regality of it all and the spectacle and art of it. I blame Walt Disney. 
You play SECRETs with your followers on Instagram, but what is a SECRET you can telll us
Well they get the benefit of being anonymous! So my greatest secrets will have to remain a mystery. I will reveal though that all my photos are taken in my dining room.
If you could photograph any person dead or alive in one of your epic sets who would it be and why
There are so many! I suppose I'd select Rossy de Palma, I think she's probably one of the most stunning people on the planet and I'd love to put her in my world.
Boxers or Briefs
Briefs all the way. Boxer-briefs if I must.
What are your thoughts on sexuality
I think it's one of the greatest things, and I always encourage everyone to play with it as much as they are comfortable. It clearly has a lot of power and that's why institutions always try to regulate how people enact their sexualities, whether it be through censorship, social rules and etiquette, sex shaming, hatred and fear of specific orientations, etc. I think they really reveathe power and importance of sexuality by trying to suppress it. They know it, and we all need to realize that too.
If you could be any painting what would it be and why
I would probably be Magritte's "Ceci nest pas une pipe" painting. Cheeky, surreal, and in your face.
As a self-described connoisseur of pop culture, I appreciate Warhol so much but artistically I would probably pick Dali. I don't know that I am as much attracted to his works or the culture behind him as Warhol's but I really value the way he approached art, and the fact alone that his newspaper was called "The Dali News".
It's D.H. Lawrence's quote from "The White Peacock," : "Be a good animal, true to your animal instincts." I like it because it reminds me we're all just animals no matter what, but it also slightly contradicts itself and is not a very clear guideline for living life because what is a "good animal" anyway? Where does social conditioning end and true instincts begin? How can we be sure? We are social animals, after all. Does the word "good" have roots in morality or is it just about not going against one's nature? And if your nature is opposed to the general ideas of your animal-kind, are you still a good animal? Is it all just individually decided? And are emotions we don't control like compassion, empathy and love considered instincts? What about the bad ones? I like that I can never place what it means, but also that it still guides me in a direction.
What advice would you give your 16 year old self
Come out of the closet, ASAP!
What next for u in 2019? 
I hope to start photographing others than just myself. I love that side of my project but I think I might have made people think that's all I'm interested in.
Photos by  Michael the III

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