For Les Amis Journal volume II we bring you Pink Adonis. A dreamy, voyeuristic fantasy inspired by the world of iconic filmmaker James Bidgood. American heartthrob Owen Lindberg is a perfect subject in this soft, yet mysterious fantasy. He appears vulnerable and sensual, as an angel like those of a classical painting. Owen is a model and actor from Arizona who now lives in NY. He exudes a youthful innocence lost coming of age in a cruel narcissistic world, nevertheless optimistic with undeniable beauty.

Photographed by Prince + Jacob in Los Angeles, California.



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I came to this site via’Les Amis Homme’ on TikTok – a gorgeous young man was stunning beyond words! Now this fabulous series of photos in The Journal, just so delicious. I’ll be making some purchases when I’ve had time thoroughly to browse the site. Thankyou

David Mills July 03, 2020

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