Tell us more about Birdbox , this new horror flick starring OG actress Sandra Bullock , Who do you play in this whats your character and how did you prepare for this role ? 

I play a pill popper named Felix who’s out for a “delivery” when the epidemic breaks out. Wild fact about the house we shot in  is that Charles Manson used to stay there right before he committed those murders, and the director made us all (Sandy included) sit in one room together all day until it was time to shoot. It really made us go a little crazy and bonded us at the same time which is what happens in the film.

Back to the music when can we expect more , and btw you slayed that diss track on that elderly rapper we wont mention his name lol ? 
When you choose to be disconnected from what’s going on with the youth, especially when you’re old, rich, and bitter— reality is bound to slap you in the face at some point. But as for my new music, I just want to take all the mental, spiritual, and financial obstacles I’ve been quiet about the past two years and put them into my fourth album. i came up with the title of it last night actually. 

BIG TIM ADOLESCENCE is going to Sundance ! How was it growing up in Ohio what was your early days of youth like getting in to music and just finding yourself ? Does the character in BTA   hit home to any personal teenage memories ? 

I was a skater kid growing up. If you saw the movie “Mid90’s” that was pretty much my day to day for me in middle school. Listening to music my dad didn’t want me listening to and hanging with all the kids he didn’t like. I grew up in towns with cold weather, grey skies, and nothing to do so peer pressure was huge in my teenage years. Big Time Adolescence is a film about that kind of upbringing — it’s all about finding yourself. my boy Pete (Davidson) asked if i’d come out to Syracuse for a week to be in a scene for BTA with him, and after I got there, Jason Orley (director) wrote me into a bunch of the other scenes. Now we’re all going to Sundance together. Crazy shit...

We heard your playing glam rock legend Tommy Lee in Motley Crue biopic what can we expect here and tell us you we get to see a re enactment of the infamous Pam and Tommy sex tape in this film ? 

No re enactment of the Pam and Tommy tape BUT after 2 months of band practice, learning how to play drums, and 4 months of filming in full prosthetic make up, airbrushed skin (to cover my tattoos), a wig, and room-mating with my costar Doug Booth who plays Nikki Sixx (Tommy’s best friend and band mate) I promise you it’s going to be the most insane rock and roll movie yet. The opening scene...hahahaha

I cant wait.

Have you ever made a sex tape ?? 

Many. I think we’re all turned on watching ourselves be bad. Especially in this generation. 


Marry: Kendall. 

Fuck: Kendall. 

Kill: *cant snitch so I’ll never tell. nevaaaaaa.*

Shooting this editorial was so fun you embody Leo in the Romeo and Juliette film did you watch this film growing up are you a leo fan ???

It was my favorite version of the classic love tragedy. Definitely a big Leo fan. He and I have partied together a couple times too which made him even more rad in my book.  

What song is on repeat for you right now   

The funeral - Band of Horses 

Which one of your songs  has the biggest meaning to you and why?

‘Habits’ and ‘27’ because it’s my truth, and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to admit. 

Could you see yourself focusing on acting more in future  or even directing your own film ? 

Performing is all I know, Whether it’s on screen or on stage — so, yes and yes. I want to become a go-to lead actor, but the ultimate dream is to direct a film that defines a generation like what Jonah just did with “mid90’s”. 

When you win your first Academy Award who gonna be your red carpet date?  

My daughter. And we’re pulling up on a Harley. 

Tell us a secret you have never told any one ?  

I judge someone that takes a coffee order, and brings back Starbucks. 

What is next for you in 2019?  

Giving 0 fucks.


Photography: Prince and Jacob 

Styling: Manny Colon 

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