Meet 3D Erotic Artist Jason Ebeyer drawing us with PRIDE

Meet the 3D Davinci Mr Jason  Ebeyer Most well-known for his glossy figures, Jason has worked with artists like Troye Sivan on music videos , and has created some other worldly hearthrobs for our viewing pleasure. Get to know more on this epic artist below. Dont forget to shop our collection here
Tell us more about your art process
So normally it will start with an idea or theme I want to explore. I gather up references for different things like poses, setting and lighting etc. From there I either just jump right into my 3D software and start creating or if I’m really trying to narrow in on a more refined idea, I’ll sketch out a few variations until I’m happy with that before I start modeling.
Where did the idea for the characters come from?
It would be impossible for me too figure out exactly where the visual look of my models came from. They have definitely been a progression and have grown with me from back when I was still in high school doing illustrations. There is certainly an influence of fashion illustration proportions mixed with an alien/sci fi aesthetic. I grew up watching lots of sci fi and horror,  and as I went into my teens I started to focus on theatrical fashion shows like McQueen or Mulger. All this as a combination I guess is what has birthed these characters.
Who are your idols?
In terms of art idols and inspirations - Hajime Sorayama and Camille Rose Garcia. Both have such different work, each is equally as amazing as the other. Sorayama has this incredible way of capturing erotic imagery and presenting it in a super tasteful way, I often find myself trying to capture parts of this within my own erotic work. With CRG’s work, there is a kind of whimsical charm in her art and that is something I have always been drawn to and inspired by.
If you could animate any celeb who would it be and why?
Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey. 
These women hold such an important place in my story, to work with either of them would be an absolute dream come true and a full circle moment. 
Sex is over the top in your world, where do you see sex and AI going in the future?
I often get asked this question, and I’m really not qualified to answer it - but I’ll try my best. We are already seeing VR being utilized by the adult entertainment industry, PornHub has integrated pages full of content made specifically for that medium. I think as AI technology becomes more easily accessible there will be a massive boom in that area. The sex industry is one of the most profitable industries and it will only continue to grow with technology. 
Have you ever fantasied about one of your creations?
No I haven’t fantasied about them before. There is definitely elements of dreams or fantasies I’ve had or experienced within my work, though I’ve never fantasied about the characters. 
Who is the muse?
This will sound super cliche, but my partner Alex is my muse. He has been with me for over 5 years and has been my biggest motivator and supporter every step of the way. There was a point after university when I was considering completely giving up being a creative and he really pushed me to stick with it and follow my passion. He’s a creative himself and is always helping me really flesh out ideas or concepts and encourages me to take my work that extra step. 
What is next for you and do you plan to bring any of these characters to life?
Not to sure what is next. There is certainly some really cool projects and events on the table at the moment which I’m really looking forward to being a part of. I’m really wanting to organize an exhibition of some unreleased work towards the end of 2019 or early 2020. I’m also hoping to figure out a way to bring my characters into the physical realm, be it through sculpture, 3D print of vinyl figures - that is something I’m really interested in working on.

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