Meet model ,and Arkansas native Cameron Porras, with the face of an angel this ex highschool football player turned model is ready to conquer the world with more than just his good looks . Photographed by Gabe Araujo in New York City 


Zodiac Sign :Libra

Hometown :Maumelle, Arkansas 



What occupation would you have if you were not modeling

personal chef

Tell us more about your jewelry collection STILLROSEJEWELRY

it’s just a fun way to pass the time and make a little bit of side cash. i make pieces that i would want to wear and people seem to like them


What advice would you give someone wanting to explore a career in modeling 

don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. it takes hard work and a strong, positive mindset. you’re gonna be told NO A LOT but don’t let that get you down! if you feel like you’re more than just a pretty face then show that! be more than just a model

Favorite Color :burnt orange #Hookem

Favorite Food :since i’m in NYC- Pizza


Whats has been the most exciting experience from modeling

seeing how much people like my work. it means so much hearing positive feedback on my editorials. it really makes all the work worth it



5 things you cant live without 

  1. my mama
  2. my phone
  3. the gym
  4. sweatpants
  5. my birkenstock’s😂

BOXERS OR BRIEFS :briefs all day

What song are you playing on repeat atm

outside today by YoungBoy Never Broke Again

What is your life motto

it’s better to be a race horse and be pulled back, than a mule that has to be pulled along


Plans for 2019 and beyond 

i’m heading to Hamburg, Germany at the end of february!



What r u

Ava June 01, 2020


streamtusa December 29, 2019

Lmao y is someone called pussy ass? Tf😂

. November 02, 2019

He’s the love interest in Tylerthecreator’s vid 4 boy is a gun and he is so incredibly beautiful ❤️

Wow September 25, 2019


Pussy asss July 18, 2019

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