Name Alex Grant
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hometown Potomac Maryland
Age 20
You are obsessed with cars, when did this come about?
I was on i95 one summer day with my mom in the car. We were driving to visit some school and in the rear view I see this slick gold arrow come up closer and closer and closer. Beside me for the first time I saw a C4 corvette, it was gold and driving was what looked like a teenager. Immediately I glorified the Corvette C4. No car to this day has ever been so shocking to look at.
Dream Car My 1985 Corvette
If you were on pimp my ride what would you add to your car?
Let's put a playstation in there, don't you think?
Craziest rumor you have ever heard about yourself?
I once read a rumor online about me saying that I didn't graduate high school and was held back. I'm like excuse me what? I was still in high school when I read it too!
What occupation would you have if you were not modeling?
Day trading and managing my stock portfolio
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Chicken Tenders
Tell us your TOP 3 fitness tips
-TIPS FOR A BIGGER CHEST PEC FLY as heavy as you can as many reps as you can.
-TIPS FOR BIGGER BICEPS I love hammer curls so much. I like the individual motion with dumbbells rather than a barbell.
-DO YOU SKIP LEG DAY NEVER! Legs are super hard for me to train so they are a little bit behind, but I always do legs twice a week.
5 things you cant live without?
my original Casio chronograph watch, my corvette, instagram, reddit and my gibson explorer
Boxers or briefs?
Gym playlist?
1. Seek and Destroy 2. Damage Inc. 3. Blackened 4. Angel of Death 5. Master of Puppets
What is your life motto?
Don't want it. Don't need it. Never had it. Never wanted it.
Plans for 2019 and beyond
I hope to be successful in my studies and do the best I can. My degree is my main goal. Modeling and instagram are fun side gigs that are a lot of fun but I really want to do well in the long run.
Model Alex Grant - Photographer @treysphotostudio

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Alex Grant is the best

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